Grain Analysis

The CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser has been designed to measure protein and moisture in wheat and barley, and protein, oil and moisture in canola, as the grains are stripped and threshed in a combine harvester. By interfacing the CropScan 3000H with a GPS unit, paddock maps for protein or oil can be plotted in real time on the Touch Screen PC located in the cabin. Data can be stored in the PC or uploaded to a web site where the data can be viewed from a remote PC, a smart phone or a tablet. More detailed paddock maps can then be developed using external plotting programs.
SeedCount SC5000

SeedCount and CornCount are digital imaging systems specifically designed for the grain industry. They use software and flatbed scanner technology to rapidly and accurately analyse a sample of grain and determine its physical characteristics. They generates detailed data tables that can be exported to any spreadsheet or database program and provide this detailed information without damaging the grain sample.

SeedCount and/or CornCount are for use by anyone who grows, sells, buys or uses grain and/or assesses its quality. Potential users are breeders, brewers, dealers, growers, food processors, maltsters, millers, etc.

CropScan 3000S – On Silo Analyser

The CropScan 3000S On Silo Anlayser is designed to measure protein, moisture and oil in grains and oils seeds flowing through an auger, off a conveyor belt or in a pneumatic pump. The system consists of a NIR Spectrometer housed in a environmental enclosure, a Touch Screen PC, a large format Digital Display, Remote Sampling Head and Fiber Optic Cable. The software send the data to the Cloud where it can be monitored using a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Brochure link: CropScan 3000S

CropScan 1000G – On Farm Whole Grain Analyser

The CropScan Loren 1000G On Farm Analyser is designed to provide farmers with a reliable means of measuring protein, moisture and oil in wheat, barley and canola.

CropScan 1000B – Whole Grain Analyser

CropScan 1000B Whole Grain Analyser is a Near Infrared Transmission Analyser designed to measure protein, oil, starch and moisture in whole grains of wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola, corn, soybeans and more.
An optional Test Weight module is available for the CropScan 1000B. The CropScan 1000B uses a diode array spectrometer to scan the wavelength region, 720-1100nm. Within this region of the NIT spectrum, protein, moisture, oil and starch absorb NIR energy.

CropScan 2000B – Benchtop NIR Analyser

The CropScan 2000B is a powerful Near Infrared Transmission Spectrophotometer capable of measuring protein, oil and moisture in cereal grains, oil seeds, flour, meals and bio-fuels. The instrument uses near infrared transmission spectra and supports a range of sample cells for whole grains and seeds as well as powders, liquids, slurries, eaves and berries. The CropScan 2000B uses a moving sample cell to average spectra over a wide
sample area.

CropScan 3000F – Grain & Flour NIR Analyser

Near Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy is the most widely used technology for measuring protein, oil and moisture in grains and oil seeds. NIT analysers offer farmers, grain buyers, flour millers, pasta producers and grain processors a rapid means of determining the composition of their incoming grains, their process streams and their final products. The CropScan 3000F Grain and Flour Analyser require no grinding and are designed for ease of use. The same system measures whole grains of wheat as well as flour and meals.

CropScan 3000B – Whole Grain Analyser

The CropScan 3000B Whole Grain Analyser is a bench top analyser designed for rapid measurement of protein, moisture, starch and oil in wheat, barley, corn, soybean, canola, oats, triticale, lupins and other cereals grains and oil seeds.

The CropScan 3000B uses a pour through sampling system with a inlet and outlet flap mechanism flowing the grain in and out of the sample chamber. Software automatically sets the sample pathlength to a 8, 16, 24 or 30mm as setup in the calibration file.

The Touch Screen PC provides users a simple to use interface. The screen is setup like a test report.

Kett FD-720 – Infrared Moisture Analyzer

FD-720 is the most advanced new Infrared Moisture Analyzer. Equipped with high accuracy analytical balance and new designed long life (20,000 to 30,000 hours), mid-wave Infrared quartz heater and 6 different measurement modes. The unique Bias function allows adjustment to the data obtained by other measuring methods or other testers.

View PDF Manual: FD-720

Kett Riceter F Series – Rice / Wheat Tester

The endurance of the Riceter f is even greater than before, and the character display has been improved to be even easier to read. In addition, this unit has acquired ISO09001 approval for international quality systems, which alone is a valuable quality guarantee.

View PDF Catalog: Riceter F Series

Kett PM-450 (Version 4501) – Grain and Coffee Moisture Tester

This instrument can measure the moisture content of many kinds of grain, seeds, and other products. Using a fixed sample volume allows the weight, temperature, and capacitance (dielectric) of the sample to be measured. After processing this information with the use of the embedded microprocessor, the “Moisture Value” is displayed. Refer to the “Product List” for measurable grain types. Because the calibration curves of products on the “Product List” have been already stored, the measurement of a sample on the list can be instantly performed by simply pressing the product number.

View PDF Catalog: PM-4501

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