Food Analysis

The Series 3000 Food Analyser is a NIR spectrometer designed to measure protein, fat, water, sugar, alcohol and other compounds in foods. The key to the Series 3000 Food Analyser is the sample draw that provides a means of analysing a wide range of materials, ie, granules, powders, liquids, slurries, emulsions, films and solids.
The rotating sample drawer provides a means of collecting Near Infrared Transmission (NIT) spectra over a wide area and then averaging the spectra to give more accurate results.
NutraScan Artificial Gut

The NutraScan Artificial Gut has been developed in order to study how the human and animal body digest foods.

NutraScan simulates the enzymatic digestion of food under a series of incubations, at physiological pH and temperature that essentially mimics the buccal, gastric and pancreatic phases of food digestion. Protein, fat and starch are sequentially hydrolysed using a combination of hydrolytic enzymes as are found in the mouth, stomach and small intestines.

PDF: NutraScan

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