Trident Instrumentation provides excellent service and maintenance to analytical laboratory
instrumentation in sub-Saharan Africa. We help commercial and government entities meet
their challenging workload demands.
Trident Instrumentation is also a supplier of a large range of consumables and
parts for analytical instruments and we’re ready to ship them to you.
Trident awarded Dujardin distributorship

Trident Instrumentation now brings the complete range of quality laboratory instrumentation, kits, glassware, reagents and standards by acclaimed Dujardin-Salleron for the wine and liquor industry to South Africa.

Dujardin-Salleron was founded in 1855, created the first brass still and invented the acetimeter and ebulliometer, and maintains technological sophistication and leadership on the global market to this day.


Milling and Grain publishes an article on SeedCount

Plant breeders, seed producers and grain traders use subjective inspection methods, i.e., visual inspection, separation and counting to determine quality aspects of grains and oil seeds. Depending on the sample and the inspection standards, subjective inspection can take 15 minutes per sample or more. On the other hand, machine vision inspection offers a rapid and more reproducible method of inspecting grains and oil seeds at a fraction of the cost of manual inspection…


CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser

The CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser has been designed to measure protein and moisture in wheat and barley, and protein, oil and moisture in canola, as the grains are stripped and threshed in a combine harvester. By interfacing the CropScan 3000H with a GPS unit, paddock maps for protein or oil can be plotted in real time on the Touch Screen PC located in the cabin. Data can be stored in the PC or uploaded to a web site where the data can be viewed from a remote PC, a smart phone or a tablet. More detailed paddock maps can then be developed using external plotting programs.


OENO-MODULE connects to a computer and allows easy, fast and reliable wine analysis.

Dimensions: 115 x 65 x 55 mm, Weight: 230 g

It comes with:
– 1 USB flash drive with operating software
– 100 cuvettes
– 2 racks for 12 cuvettes each
– 3 micropipettes + tips
– 1 rack for 3 micropipettes
– 1 user manual


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