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Next Instruments' International Meeting

Workshop participants. Trident's Tony Morrone is 2nd from left

Trident Instrumentation's Tony Morrone attended Next Instruments' annual international sales and technical meeting in Sydney at the end of 2011 with other distributors from Australasia to receive Trident's Next annual achievement award as most improved dealer.

Lectures were presented on each of the Next technologies, i.e. Crop-Scan, MultiScan, SeedCount, NutriScan and OdourScan, followed by hands on sessions where the attendees got to run samples, develop calibrations and interpret data.

The meeting was the first opportunity for most of the dealers to see the NutriScan GI Analyser and the OdourScan Electronic Nose in operation.

Attendees were also able to spend time with the engineering and production staff in order to learn more about instrument maintenance and servicing.

Trident awarded Dujardin distributorship

Trident Instrumentation now brings the complete range of quality laboratory instrumentation, kits, glassware, reagents and standards by acclaimed Dujardin-Salleron for the wine and liquor industry to South Africa.

Dujardin-Salleron was founded in 1855, created the first brass still and invented the acetimeter and ebulliometer, and maintains technological sophistication and leadership on the global market to this day.

Details on our Wine page.
Full product brochure 3.9MB

World First Glycaemic Index Analyser

Next Instruments launched a world first glycaemic index analyser, licensing a new automated technique developed by the CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship to measure Glycaemic Index and dietary fibre Resistant Starch, in foods and cereals.

The instrument simulates the digestion of starch in the human gut using a progressive introduction of enzymes and buffers, combined with mechanical agitation and temperature.

Instruction video (4:02)

Trident expands instrument range

Oenolab diagnostics' Mindray auto-analyzers and reagents for colorimetric and enzymatic wine analysis have been added to Trident's growing portfolio

Trident's instrument and services portfolios have been updated to include Dairy and Human milk analysers, a Homogenisator by Miris from Sweden, and Next Australia's Nutriscan and Odourscan instruments for the food industry

Trident Instrumentation provides excellent service and maintenance to analytical laboratory instrumentation in sub-Saharan Africa. We help commercial and government entities meet their challenging workload demands.

Laboratory Instruments

Trident Instrumentation is also a supplier of a large range of consumables and parts for analytical instruments and we're ready to ship them to you.

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